CLASSROOMS 1-2 years

Children at 1 year of age are predominantly developing their motor skills.

The activities for this age are: the beginning of symbolic play, verbal and non-verbal expression, permanent object structuring and organization of space and time.

Children of this age seek independence and move freely, they need to touch, manipulate, and explore under the watchful eye of adults.

The classroom of 1-2 years is a spacious and cozy place that has several areas:

E.I. La Gatita Curisosa-Fuenlabrada (Madrid) - Area Assembly where we start the day and talk about what we will do during the day.
- Work Zone: furniture and materials of a specific design for this age, arranged for group work.
- Playground where we have free play to build, cooking, dres up, play with animals ... whatever comes to mind.
- Area to change when necessary.

At this age is very important to start on solid foods,so it will work between home and school.

In our school we take advantage of learning abilities of the children , so that all these guidelines are provided in the same number of hours in both English and Spanish.