The 2-3 years old children learning program is half in Spanish and half in English. It is based on a Spanish-English bilingual education by mixing bilingual tutors and / or native Spanish tutor. All our tutors have the qualifications required by "MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE".

"In our school we actively decided to take advantage of natural and uninhibited willingness of children to language acquisition and , establish a fully integrated program in English for them.
E.I. La Gatita Curisosa-Fuenlabrada (Madrid) At this age, children often enjoy singing, memorizing words, and repeating new words aloud. Whatever the method, ..kinetic, visual, oral and aural .., they learn the language in a natural way. By using a schedule based on the combination of songs and actions, and representation of stories, activities and games, we have a holistic approach that will their ensure success in the classroom and knowledge of English.

The key advantage of our program is the emphasis on interactive learning and teaching the same number of hours (bilingualism) English than Spanish.

Our bi-lingual teachers separate the teaching of English and Spanish in the classroom. The children learn better and faster when there are designated situations and times and can avoid switching from one language to another. Our teachers leave only the use of the mother tongue for those times when you have to meet their physical and emotional needs while they learn."

5 reasons to educate your child in bilingualism:

1. From an intellectual point of view, it is demonstrated that early stimulation in more than one language enhances neuronal plasticityand thus prepares smaller to facilitate the learning of languages when they become adults.

2. From the personal point of view, it increases self-esteem of the child. Taking advantage of natural learning capabilities they have in their early years, your child will find it easier to learn to function in a language other than their native tongue.

3. From the social point of view, the positive reinforcement from learning a language such as English provides interest and future capabilities in other languages.

4. From a labor point of view, to establish a proper foundation in learning languages will improve your chances for the labor market, increasing their possibilities

5. From the educational point of view, the current structure of schooling that immerses you fully in bilingual education from the second cycle of pre-primary or first course, for which there are usually prepared, gives your child a headstart and avoids starting a bilingual learning from the first stage of schooling.