E.I. La Gatita Curisosa-Fuenlabrada (Madrid)
Psychology attention

The project is named "Building happiness" and the primary objective is to benefit our kids in their day to day, based on positive psychology and the development of emotional intelligence, prioritizing respect for individual rhythms.

Working sessions will be held on a monthly basis with all students at the center and in its regular classroom, in order to contribute to the maturational development of children, bring the experiences to different ages and different levels of development, and facilitate both families and educational equipment to various techniques and information to improve work with children.

School parents

In order to improve the relationship between families and the school, it has been created a space for direct participation, the School for Parents, which aim to improve the relationship between parents and their children, from improving communication and positive psychology. Parent workshops are held once every quarter and its key objectives will bring major ideas about the development of children, always with positive reinforcement, understanding and communication, resolving any doubts how encouraging and facilitating the task of home benefit children in their development. The three workshops to be held are:


Emotional intelligence

Emotions are present in our lives from birth and have a huge importance in the early years, playing a key role in the formation of personality and social interaction. Emotions are present throughout space and time, and therefore in school have a huge presence. Since the aim of education is comprehensive we can not ignore the emotional education, indeed, we should have it very present in the everyday. This is the reason why the project is part of our school and the main objective: understand how children express their emotions to work three phases: knowledge, control and motivation of emotions.