Our school has a special atmosphere. We take great pride in its planning and design to offer a stimulating and comfortable environment for your child to grow and develop. We used warm natural elements and specific color choices that will foster a creative place.


Children up to one year receive daily activities and stimulation in English with songs, rhymes and games.

The 2-3 years old children learning program is half in Spanish and half in English. It is based on a Spanish-English bilingual education by mixing bilingual tutors and / or native Spanish tutors along with, and who have the qualifications required by "Ministry of Education and Science".

All our children receive exposure to English at levels appropriate to their development.

E.I. La Gatita Curisosa-Fuenlabrada (Madrid) MOTOR DEVELOPMENT

It is important for a child to have the freedom in an environment to discover and develop their motor skills in a group experience. Our nursery school is bases it work on Emmi Pikler method with natural materials, free exploration and the fostering and development of movement based on the child’s individual interests.

In the science of teachings from Emmi Pikler: "The basis of the work of Psychomotor is that you have to respect the pace of the child, of each child, because the acquisition of positions is a maturational process that cannot be rushed and shouldn`t be delayed. The principles to follow:

1. The value of a privileged affective relationship.
2. The value of autonomic activity.
3. Observation as a way of knowing and understanding the child.
4. The need to help children become aware of itself and its environment.

The required security is provided by a framework of stable, physical and emotional life, adult reference, some loving care and a full care products will represent a favorable environment for the free play of interest in the world around him and his exploration according to their interests and needs”.

Furthermore, to assist our youngest children and offer the fullest range of motor development, we offer yoga for babies to promote concentration, rhythm and relaxation.


To assist with motor development, we have children leave their street shoes in a locker and wear non-slip socks, yoga or gymnastic type slippers during class-time and play. This helps strengthen legs and feet. Numerous studies show that the use of a shoe, especially early, is inadvisable and can lead to flat feet and other problems.