"La gatita Curiosa" is a bilingual family-friendly nursery school based on communication with families of children.

Personal attention to each child.

“Because each child is different and special”.Our highly trained staff specialize in working with an structured system, giving your child the best bilingual education and individual attention that will bring out each child’s uniqueness and curiosity!


The highly training of faculty is the best guarantee child development. The teaching staff is selected in a demanding and responsible way as the main element of security and trust for teaching success and at the same time to achieve better adaptation to the needs of each child.

E.I. La Gatita Curisosa-Fuenlabrada (Madrid) Psychology care.

Our psychology team will advise the faculty and it will collaborate in the proper development of de activities as well as the prevention, detection and attention of possible difficulties in learning and development of any kind of level.

It may develop programs of advice and information to parents such as information age pedagogical objectives, pedagogical counselling interviews or reports.

Collaboration with the families.

In our nursery school we consider essential the collaborative work between home and school. It is mandatory to get a good rapport between both in order to establish together the foundations of education of our Children.

Parents actively collaborate in our center in the period of adaptation, in the proposed of workshops and School Parent workshops organization, in the work with Childs in small classroom projects for which their participation will be requested whenever it is possible.