Babies are the stars of our school. We give them the individual attention they need; It is the most important element of our educational work.

- Because each child is unique, and unrepeatable our so teaching is individualized, accepting the needs of each child for activity, eating, sleeping or caring, which is an important element in their overall development as a person in the following years.

- We work on the basis of self-esteem, because we believe in it and in its continuous reinforcement as a cornerstone for learning, because we believe that when a child feels loved, encouraged and understood is able to realize his full potential.

- The beginning of our bilingual education starts in the babies’ classroom, specifically through daily immersion in English through songs and rhymes, which prepare their senses for future learning of reading and writing in another language.

E.I. La Gatita Curisosa-Fuenlabrada (Madrid) For all this, we provide the best possible facilities such as:

A rest area with individualized own cribs, a huge playground where to stimulate all theirs senses and a terrace for some fresh air.

Over 45 m2 for the little ones to make them enjoy all the activities.

Every baby is different and functions at its own rythym, so that one follows the pace he needs, for care, affection, play and rest.

We communicate with each family everyday to assist in their child’s deveopment ¡as parents do at home!